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Social Media Automation

Social media automation is highly important for any size business in any field. This marketing automation platform allows you to schedule your posts ahead of time. No matter the social media you prefer, be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram, this tool lets you align your social media posts or campaigns to go out at your preferred time. We all want to be active on social networks to connect with our audience. However, the challenge is keeping up with the pace and that’s where social media automation comes in.

We need to share consistently the right content at the right time but being active online all day can be overwhelming especially as a business owner, yet the importance of this network can’t be neglected. With the knowledge and expertise we’ve acquired over the years, we at Relezant believe this marketing automation can help you improve your business productivity and scalability.

For effective company’s marketing and customer support, your customers are provided with instant responses and up-to-date advertising campaigns. Whether for tasks that require personal touches or specific attention, you will no longer have to worry about growing your community, the timing of posts, as well as analytics. So for the best social media automation that works, check out our plans below.

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Email Automation

To reach out to your customers at the right time, email automation is definitely the right tool to consider. Whether you want to onboard new recipients, create a sophisticated promotional campaign, or engage at key personal moments, Relezant helps you to execute the process successfully. At Relezant, our Email strategy offers much more than just a simple auto responder. We have developed an easy plan that helps you send out your brand’s messages to the right people at the right time. Our Campaigns are conversion focused, making it easy to turn your readers to potential customers. Rather than just automating a sales message, you can design a custom communication flow that listens for what your audience wants. They’re not responding? We can slow down their messages so you don’t lose them. Are they opening and reading emails? Great! Send them more specific messages or even start texting them (yup… automatically)!

We analyze your customer base and size, helping you put together a tailored strategy and plan to effectively begin your email marketing. Our team is committed to your success so if you’re not sure where to start, we’ll help! 

Text Message Automation

Ensure your customers instantly get a response with a cost-effective text message automation. The success of every business lies in how fast and efficient communication exists in the business. At Relezant, we offer a highend text messaging automation strategy that works for every business. Whether you have a small, big, or medium size business, or operate across industries and geographies, our SMS automation solutions help you reduce expenses, increase productivity, and even grow profitability. This platform instantly helps you reach your audience to maximize engagement and results and to build a quality relationship with your customers.

It’s as simple as purchasing text credits and writing your message! Want a text to go out when someone new joins your company? How about when someone signs up for your newsletter? Need to send appointment reminders? Are you using this to communicate within your company to keep employees focused and excited? Or maybe you’re sending a birthday or thank you text. Whatever the case you’re now in the palm of your reader’s hand with a unique opportunity to make a difference – fast!

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Post Card Automation

Our automated postcards are specifically tailored to suit our customers needs. With our automated postcard solutions, you make your customers feel happy and appreciated by sending a personalized message thanking them in a creative manner. In fact, you can upload an image of your signature to your postcards to elevate your company’s brand and image. We believe your business can only thrive when your company stays at the top of your customer’s mind. So the next time your non-profit receives a donation you can simply add them to a “Thank you” communication flow that will automatically send them personal, meaningful messages – right to their door! Stay connected to your prospects and clients and even increase sales, boost your brand awareness.

But how does it work? Design your own postcard or use one of our templates, customize your message and start your communication flow. Never again buy stamps or go to the post office. We send the postcards to the address you have on file for your recipients!

So how does it work?

Relezant is a certified Yext partner offering you a service that instantly lists
your company’s most important information on the top 50+ directory websites like Yelp, Bing, and Facebook.
Dominate your competitors, increase traffic to your website with clickable special offers, optimize your search engine results…
and we’ll do all the work! Sound good to you?

  • We’ll make sure your address is correct in google maps so your customers can find your location.
  • Over one million consumers check-in with Foursquare, and nearly 80% of smartphone users call or visit a business after finding local information.
  • Being listed with Yext’s partners makes your business available to their millions of site visitors as well.
  • Did you know 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations?
  • Show your customers that you’re more trustworthy than your competitors by having more positive reviews
  • If you are not seen or hard to find online, you are missing over 51% of your sales opportunities.

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Get all of these benefits for your business, right now!

After all, when is a better time to market your business than right now? You can probably tell that we only use the most modern, powerful
marketing tools available. Allow us to manage your listings while you focus on running your business.
We’ll help your business dominate local searches, stand out from your competitors, and give you back your free time!

What are you waiting for?

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Why Our Team is so Special

As we grow our principle stays the same: we offer quality marketing and consulting services that are both affordable (which is not the same as cheap) and reliable. Combined with a friendly, helpful approach to support, and what you’ve got is something unique.

Many people have tried the larger, well-known companies, or even the work of a freelancer, only to find that the people they rely on disappear or lack the communication promised. Their support team sends canned responses that don’t answer your questions. You feel like a number, instead of a person. Or maybe you’re just starting out hiring your first marketing team, bravo! We know the process of finding the right company is daunting. Maybe Lion Linq is just what you’re looking for.

This section of our website sets apart who we are, and why we believe Lion Linq might be the right team for you. Read on, and don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail if you’ve still got questions.


We are the Secret Weapon of Successful People
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Boost Productivity

Get more done in a day than you ever thought possible. Focus on the important tasks like making sales, raising your bottom line, training your team, and balancing the books. You’ll have more time than ever!

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Save Money

Instead of hiring, managing, and paying someone to do your marketing – bundle your needs into one of our services and save on your expenses!


Maximize Your Time

Spend more time on important projects, and with your family. Relax knowing that our team is managing your social media, your business listings, and more!

Ready to let our professionals take over and supercharge your success?

Melissa_Adkins edited"Her reliability, honesty, and integrity are top notch. I cannot imagine Lori as anything less than a lifetime coach, friend, and partner in future ventures."
mad design logo1"I chose Lori because she was different ...She personally collected the specific information about my business and goals necessary to offer many tailored recommendations, In my opinion she has a business sense well beyond her years."
margaret kaye

Lori Kaye has been an inspiration to me. She offers encouragement and positive feedback, as well as constructive critiquing for my business and ecomerse store -Margaret Kaye of Jewelry in Candles